To Live as the Dead

By Jenny Raveling

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Origin story of a hero

How could someone so alive become so lifeless? How could a woman who proclaimed love abandon the recipient? How could one brother protect the life the other brother didn’t want?


He didn’t want to feel again. It was a clear understanding of that sentiment. Feeling hurt. It was brutal. There was nothing like the surge of emotions within a being and the battle to cultivate them in the way you wanted others to witness.

But he also didn’t want to cease living. Not actually. And those two wants could not exist at the same time.


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By Jenny Raveling

Shattered Sun

The Great Generation Book Two

He searched for an adult. Someone to tell them what to do. But no one would come. They were the Sun, and Winter Solstice had begun.

The only visible colors were in the clothes on their back, man-made items created from dyes of the earth before its descent into decay. Greyscale shrouded everything from green blades of grass to the blue reflection of the atmosphere. In the sky, the sun and moon collided into a dizzying light fixed in place, barring the difference between day and night.

Hope of ever seeing normalcy again revolved around the Sun, five
teenagers facing and defeating millennium-old beings with carefully constructed powers to manipulate memories, warp fears into reality, prey on emotions, and drive the subconscious into insanity.

Maybe if that was all, they would’ve been able to succeed, give the clans hope of victory, but the Aether—the only being alive capable of taking down a Master—walked the earth as an Apati, a living ghost, holding no feelings and no emotions besides an unquenchable belief that her being alive was an imbalance of Fate itself.

Young adult Author

Jenny Raveling

Jenny Raveling was born and raised in a small town in western Montana. After graduating from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she began work as an ICU nurse. Though currently still working as an ICU RN, Jenny writes full-time and is living her dream. Whenever she’s not writing, you can usually find her climbing high into the surrounding mountains, cuddling her dog, Flint, or traveling around the globe with the greatest of people.

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